Thursday, 10 March 2011

What classifies as 'Space on Tap'?

When we came up with the concept of Space on Tap, it was in direct response to people telling us that they needed to hire meeting space on an occasional basis, not for a month or a week, just on the day they needed it, maybe just for a few hours.  They also needed to find space that was available outside of the usual Monday to Friday 9 to 5.  Private space over a weekend or during the evening has been difficult to find, so we resort to the same hotel lobbies and cafes even though they don't really do the job.

Since we launched last year, Space on Tap's discovered literally hundreds of spaces that are available for hire across the region, from public spaces with wifi where the venue's really happy for you to drop in and use your laptop (as long as you buy a coffee!) and private places that are either free (again in exchange for the price of refreshments) or that are really affordable because you just pay for the time you need.  Some of our spaces can be hired for 90 minutes plus, and for £8.50 + vat - affordable, accessible, available on tap - that's what we're about.

We aren't leaving it there either.  We're spending time helping the venues across the region to realise that if they make their space available for shorter term bookings they'll get more business from people who choose to work from home, but who need access to external space on an occasional basis.  If that sounds like you, register free with space on tap and keep in touch with the amazing and versatile spaces we're discovering across the North East.

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