Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Cutting the tape on a new place for co-working and collaboration

Potential co-workers find out about what the Hub has to offer
Newcastle Business Village launched their brand new initiative, the 'Newcastle Business Hub' last week, supported by the Mayor of North Tyneside, Linda Arkley.  A well-attended launch party was also hosted by owners Helen and Mark Reed who, supported by Vicki Stone Marketing, did a great job of showcasing the Hub and what it has to offer.

The launch event also gave Space on Tap the opportunity to talk about the benefits of co-working, both virtually and physically in spaces like the Business Hub.

Getting out of the home office to connect with other people, and just to get a change of scene now and again, can do wonders for you and your business.

Find out more about the benefits of co-working from Space on Tap through a free webinar being hosted by The Mussel Club on 10th June - join us from your desk for 15/20 minutes at 10am.

To pre-register for your free place CLICK HERE

And a big 'shout out' for my co-presenter at the Newcastle Business Hub launch, Wendy Parvin of Conversations with Purpose.  Her infectious enthusiasm and words of wisdom about the importance of business collaboration for any business had the room entertained but also fully engaged.

Having challenged us to think of any aspect of business we do on our own, the audience was stumped - even one guest who suggested that he flew solo when writing training courses soon conceded that his proof-reader was an essential part of the process.  Wendy explained that working freelance, as she does, doesn't mean working alone.  Through collaboration with other freelancers and larger organisations great things can happen, including access to opportunities that would otherwise be beyond your reach and making a much greater impact than one person could manage on their own ('the sum of the parts etc ...').  Wise words indeed.

I've encountered Wendy's energy before, and she never fails to make an impact.  If you need a speaker or someone to support you personally get in touch with Conversations with Purpose - you won't be disappointed.  Wendy is someone who can cut through the smog to get right to the heart of the matter on a whole range of issues, from how to network through to discovering what you're really in business for.

You might, of course, be lucky enough to bump into her at the Newcastle Business Hub some day - she's planning to camp out there occasionally to benefit from the co-working experience herself.

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