Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Times they are A-changing

Here at Space on Tap we've been doing lots of work behind the scenes over the past couple of months to bring you new and improved services that add value to North East businesses.  So times are a-changing ...

The first and biggest change is that we've decided that there's so much scope for Space on Tap in the North East, that's where we've decided to stay.  You may know that we'd planned to franchise our business model outside of the region, and have already had a lot of interest from around the UK, but having recognised some real opportunities to add value locally we've decided to stay put, for the time being at least.

We're putting our efforts into expanding our range of services, and making our current services even better.  More of that to come ...

This decision doesn't mean we're looking inwards, though - quite the contrary.  We hope to help you to discover space around the UK, wherever you need to travel for business, but our Space on Tap services will be strongly geared to serving the needs of North East people and businesses.

So that's change one.

Change two is that in response to requests for more permanent leased space we're also starting to feature that on spaceontap.com now too, recognising that trying to find space for rent or lease can be so time consuming and often a bit like trying to look for a needle in a haystack.  Check out our Space of the Week this week for our first example of a great place available for lease that we're featuring on www.spaceontap.com.

Change three is that you'll notice some more developments on www.spaceontap.com over the next few weeks too.  That includes some really exciting new member services - more on those soon (make sure you register free now so you can take full advantage when they happen ... :) )

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